Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Fixmate?
Fixmate is an iPhone app that virtually connects homeowners with maintenance professionals. Homeowners video call with repair experts, and get step-by-step diagnosis of their issues and instructions on how to fix their problem. Fixmate saves you time and money, by not requiring a repair person to come out to your house.

How do I pay for Fixmate?
Fixmate charges based on the length of a call. Experts set their own minute-by-minute rate, and clients can review and accept this price before getting on a call.

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented reality overlays digital content over the real world. For example, in PokemonGo, your camera records both your environment and a digital Pokemon. Fixmate’s state-of-the-art AR helps experts point to objects in your environment and walk you through the repair process.

How do I sign up for Fixmate?
We are currently in beta testing for Fixmate. If you would like to register as a user, click here. If you would like to join as a VIP expert, click here.


What if my problem can’t be solved over the phone?
In this case, your expert may come to you in person, if they are local. Otherwise, they can help diagnosis the issue and then refer you to a relevant expert in your area.

How long does it take to reach an expert?
Our app allows you to instantly connect with any Fixmate expert who’s online!

What if there’s no repair person online?
Our team is onboarding new experts every day so we can make sure that there is always a repair person available.

How do I pay for Fixmate?
No monthly fees. Depending on the minute rate of the expert you choose, you are going to be charged after your call is done with the expert. For example, if your expert charges 2 dollars a minute and your call is completed in 10 minutes, your expert will charge you 20 dollars before tax.

Can I bookmark my favorite experts?
Not at the moment but this is something our team will be providing down the line.

Do I have to give the expert my (phone number/address/credit card information)?
No, you will never need to provide your phone number, card details, or address.


How do I become a Fixmate expert?
To join as a VIP expert, click here.

What is a VIP Expert?
All experts who agree to join our beta testing will be signed up as VIPs, and will never have additional fees from offering their services on Fixmate.

Can I offer multiple services?
Yes! You may offer as many services as you desire.

How do I set my rates?
To set your rates, click on the “Profile” tab in the Fixmate Expert app. You can then edit your rate that you charge for every service you provide.

What if I miss a call from a client? Can I call them back?
Unfortunately, no. The user will schedule a time with another expert.

How will wages be processed? Is direct deposit/PayPal supported?
At the moment, Fixmate supports Paypal and credit card.